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Good Shipper Icons
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High-quality icons and other graphics.
Welcome to shipper_icons, one of the oldest elite icon communities on the lj web :)

In this community you can post icons concerning any kind of romantic relationship. Whether they are focused on het or slash, conventional or unconventional, fictional or real life couples. However, this is not an open icon community, only the best and most talented (in our opinion) are accepted.

Shippery icon examples:
Buffy/Angel (BTVS)
Harry/Draco (Harry Potter)
Aragorn/Arwen (LOTR)
Dean/Sam (Supernatural)
Padmé/Anakin (Star Wars)
Doctor/Rose (Doctor Who)
Brian/Justin (Queer As Folk)
Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt (Real Life)

How to apply
Think you got what it takes? ;) Just go over here, and leave a comment with at least 5 examples of your icons (they don't have to be shippery). We will critique the icons and you'll get a reply with a yay or a nay from the both of us and we might give you some constructive criticism to improve your icons. If you get a yes and a no, you're not accepted, you have to convince both of us of your talent. You'll get an invitation to join this community in your mailbox, once you've been approved by both mods.

Once accepted
You'll be able to start posting icons right away :) Just remember to put your icons under a lj-cut, but 3 or 4 teasers/previews are ok. Spoilery icons must permanently be under the lj-cut and please be so kind to post a fair warning. Please don't link to a FO post on your own journal, everyone should be able to view your icons without being forced to friend you.

The Rules
1) Only couple-ly icons are allowed. Romance being the keyword.
2) Which means no one-character or friendship icons.
3) Threesomes are allowed.
4) No advertising other communities unless it's at the bottom of an icon post.
5) No bases. All icons have to be altered (colors, effects, brushes).
6) Text-less icons are allowed, as are animated icons :)
7) No wallpapers, friends-only graphics or whatsoever. This is an icon community. But other graphics are OK as long as they are part of an icon post.
8) Do not steal other people's icons, always credit the iconmaker in your keywords/comments.
9) If you're taking an icon, then please be nice and leave a comment for the iconmaker. Icon artists always appreciate it.
10) No bashing other people's icons or couples.
Should you break the rules, you'll get a warning first. Should you break them again, you'll be banned.

From now on we'd like for you to tag your entries, just to make everything more organized.

Please tag your posts like this:

books: name
tv shows: name
movies: name
anime: name
real life couples (this also includes sports athletes)

Feel free to make a new tag if your icons have a subject that's not covered by the current tags :)

A vague disclaimer is nobody's friend
The community is moderated by leetje and duskwillow and was founded on April 10th, 2004.

"Version 3" features still from Doctor Who.

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